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#NomowPlay Solar Systems

Learning about space is an exciting and novel experience for children. In order to make learning about the solar system both fun and informative, take a look at some ideas we have put together!


Take time during lessons to create telescopes. You can assign students into pairs or groups to complete the project. Not only will this help benefit their social skills, but they gain knowledge on creating and designing. Once every group has created their very own telescope, it’s time to use it!

Note: Allow each group to add their own design to the telescope and choose a winner.


Place all students into eight groups. Each group is assigned a planet. Before the assignment begins, place eight pieces of fruit at the front of the classroom and as a team, they have to decide which fruit represents their planet. After they have chosen, ask each group to find information such as fun facts and interesting statistics on each planet. Once this is completed, get everybody to head outside and place their fruit in order from the sun and present their new found knowledge to the class. This allows each person to visualise the dimensions and size of each planet while increasing their knowledge of each planet in Space.

Note: You could use a watermelon for Jupiter and a raisin for Mercury!

Play Area

To make learning even more fun and interactive, why not create a real life solar system display out of artificial grass! Place planets across the children’s playground in order from the sun. You could even install a spaceship for the children to play in. By creating a solar system outside, children will learn by seeing the planets everyday and you have the opportunity to really enhance their imaginative play.

Note: When teaching about solar systems, take the class outside to the artificial grass play area, so they can see the planets and visually understand the difference.

With Nomow artificial grass, anything is possible! All you need is a little imagination and we can do the rest. What’s more, artificial grass means no more mud and no maintenance.

We have created hundreds of imaginative designs out of artificial grass so if you want to create an exciting, solar system themed playground, why not get in touch with a member of the team at Nomow today. You can also have a look through our other designs and ideas that schools love!

Note: Remember that space week is between 4th-10th October every year!