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Nomow springs into action in aid of the Olympic Organising Committee!

UK artificial grass company NoMow has come to the rescue of the London 2012 Olympic Organising Committee with 5,000m2 of amazingly realistic artificial grass for the Olympic hospitality area. Not only does the recyclable solution provide a surface that both looks and feels natural, it’s quick to lay, needs no watering, no pesticides, no fertilisers and creates no cuttings. What’s more, NoMow have been able to step in at extremely short notice to put right what the UK’s record dry spell was about to put very publically wrong.

Despite the most meticulous of planning, even the London 2012 Olympic site hasn’t been immune from the UK’s long spell of dry weather – the Olympic hospitality area a case in point.

With the start date looming and the Olympic Organising Committee deciding at the very last minute that banking around the main sponsor hospitality area would benefit from pristine grass cover, Olympic landscape contractor Gavin Jones was faced with a dilemma – a dilemma that despite them performing numerous design miracles during their two years working on the Olympic site, even they’d struggle to solve. Put simply, the just wasn’t the time to establish great looking turf.

With the likes of BMW, Adidas, Cisco, BT and dozens of other important sponsors soon to be in attendance something needed to be done. Fast!

What to do?

Expert in creating perfectly crafted gardens Gavin (‘By Royal Appointment’) Jones decided to call in the UK’s artificial grass specialists NoMow to discuss the project. Having recently completed work on the Google HQ rooftop with them, it was clear that NoMow would have the answer.

More than simply impressed with the incredibly lifelike qualities and the range of NoMow’s artificial grass, Gavin Jones also knew that they had both the resources and the capability to step into the breach and provide a great looking solution in double quick time.

Being presented to the Olympic Organising Committee also gave NoMow the opportunity to highlight the many environmental benefits of their product:

  • The millions of gallons of water saved as the grass doesn’t require watering
  • That no pesticides or fertilisers are required
  • No grass cuttings going to landfill
  • That after the Olympics finishes the whole 5,000m2 will be returned to NoMow, processed and recycled

Such were the product’s environmental credentials, realistic qualities, and the speed and skill with which NoMow can lay their grass that the decision to use them quickly became very straightforward.

No Mow founderSays NoMow’s Managing Director, Michael Tittershill: “I’m honoured and delighted. It’s the biggest stage on the planet at the moment, the biggest sponsors, at the biggest event in the world. To have the opportunity to show the quality of our work is wonderful.”

He continued: “To be able to step in at such short notice and represent the North West at the London Olympics site makes us extremely proud.”