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Nomow Massive Summer Sale Is NOW!

You read right! Here at Nomow, we thought we would give you something to smile about this summer by cutting down our prices. The best part? We are also price matching.

This means if you have been contemplating about changing your garden, there isn’t a better time to do so than now.

Here’s a few of our great deals…

Nomow Prestige is a new product that has been cut from £28.75 per m2 to only £24.00 per m2. Its four colour olive and lime green tones make this grass a perfect choice if you are opting for a luxury garden.

Nomow Luxury Plus offers a spring look by combining different shades of green and brown. Luxury Plus not only looks beautiful, but the soft texture allows children to play on the grass all year round. Nomow Luxury Plus is now only £20.00 m2; originally £22.75 m2.

Nomow New Orchard is new for this season and reduced from £21.75 m2 to only £17.50 m2. The four colours create a showroom look, and the durable memory yarn helps reduce flattening on the grass.

Nomow Classic Meadow combines three shades of green that create a manicured look. The fresh, neat and just cut appearance is a popular option for artificial grass lovers. For only £12.00 m2 what’s not to love!

Nomow Play 365 is a popular option for nurseries, schools and play areas. Play 365 has been reduced from £22.50 m2 to only £19.00 m2. This artificial grass was specifically designed for children, as its resilience and bounceback features allow children to safely play on the grass. It is also a great option for your garden if you have young children as it will not only stop them being covered in mud, but its safety features cannot be ignored.

Check out our other amazing deals by clicking the link.

These great deals won’t stick around for long, so to avoid disappointment order online today!

Remember… We are only a phone call away if you have any questions!