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Nomow Celebrate National Gardening Week

National Gardening Week is upon us, taking place this week from 13th-19th April!

Launched by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), National Gardening Week is a time to celebrate everything green, with this year’s theme encouraging gardeners to “Start Something Beautiful”

As with previous years, the start of National Gardening Week has already seen thousands of people across the UK getting out and about to share their passion for horticulture.

The aim of National Gardening Week is to encourage people and organisations to come together to help keep their neighbourhoods, environments and shared spaces beautiful through gardening.

At Nomow we don’t think there’s a better place to start than in your own garden, and preparing your lawn should be a top priority.

After a cold winter season, your lawn will probably be requiring some special attention to get it back looking its best. If you have a natural grass lawn, you’ll be faced with a whole host of issues including moss, worm casts, and bald patches, all of which can be costly and time consuming to combat.

For those with artificial grass, simply set some time aside to rake away any dead material and rubbish which has built up on your lawn. Because artificial grass is so low maintenance, you can use the time saved to get out and enjoy all the other things your garden has to offer.

Never been the green-fingered type? Why not use National Gardening Week as an excuse to give it a go? You may just find that you discover a new hobby that’s fun, healthy and good for the environment!

Here at Nomow we share our love of all things green all year round, but National Gardening Week is an important reminder to get out into the community and celebrate everything that’s great about our gardens.

Fancy giving the nations landscape a nudge in the right direction, and ditching your brown patchy grass in favour of a lush, green garden? Contact us for a free, no obligation appointment for us to visit and show you the benefits of Nomow today!