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Nomow Awarded EcoVadis Gold Award

We are happy to announce that we have won the EcoVadis Gold Award. This is a prestigious global assessment that analyses organisations based on their commitment to the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Like many businesses, our products rely on a global supply chain, and for customers it can be difficult to know if the practices and procedures of the other businesses further down the supply chain, are as high a quality and the business you are directly purchasing from. That’s were EcoVadis comes in.

EcoVadis use a scorecard to assess businesses, based on a number of indicators and uses the UN Global Impact reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000. Some of the areas measured include health & safety, supply chains, procurement, labour and human rights, waste and environmental advocacy.

Nomow are part of a global operation which culminates in the manufacturing of high-quality artificial grass. Nomow customers can rest assured that not only are they purchasing high-quality products from a high-quality business, but that the procurement and supply chains associated with the business also meet the highest standards of sustainability and care.


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