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Freddie The Nomow Dog

Freddie The Nomow Dog Say hello to the newest  Twitter recruit, Freddie the Nomow dog! A firm favourite in the workplace Freddie has taken over the Twitter account as new CEO of Nomow! Follow Freddie for insights into the mind of the dog, along with picture updates of Freddie at work and artificial grass product […]

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Our Gardening Blog for Beginners

Check out our new  Gardening Blog for all you first-timers, it will take you through the basic steps of garden life for all you need to know! The blog provides some great info for people who dream of that perfect garden. Get that perfect lawn with Nomow Artificial Grass along with the picturesque beds with […]

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Artificial Grass Saving The Day!

Artificial Grass to the rescue as record rainfall has reduced the severity of the ongoing water shortage in the South and East of England, but bans remain in place for domestic customers. Adjustments to the hosepipe ban by seven water companies followed the exceptionally wet April, which has led to the partial recovery of water […]

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