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Never Cancel a Match Again!

Football matches get postponed for every imaginable reason but the British weather is by far the biggest reason. From Sunday games of five-a-side to premier league matches, unplayable pitches can affect everyone.

The biggest culprit of match cancellation is frozen pitches, as the cold weather can actually make the pitch unsafe for the participants to play on. Waterlogged pitches have also left many a football match in devastation.

Following on from the relentless storms earlier this year, some smaller clubs have even reported being left underwater for months, losing out on thousands of pounds worth of trade.

Artificial turf got something of a bad name for itself during the 1980s within the world of English football. Clubs such as Luton Town, Oldham Athletic, Preston North End and Queens Park Rangers all toyed with the technology, but by the early 1990s, concerns about injuries and unfair disadvantage to the home side saw the return of grass pitches.

High performance, advanced artificial grass turf pitches, which have been approved by the governing body, FIFA are becoming increasingly visible and a revival could be on the cards for the world’s most popular sport.

However, the real revolution has been to transform the bare, patchy fields and mud pits where generations of children learned their football skills into high performance, heavily used sports pitches.

Nomow has over 20 years experience in designing developing and installing all weather pitches for major sporting establishments, local sports clubs and school facilities. Modern sports surfaces are realistic, durable and safe. At Nomow we can advise on all aspects of the construction from the sub base and drainage to the playing surface, lighting and fencing.

If you are looking for an all weather artificial sports pitch then we have the specifications to meet your performance requirements and budget.

We suggest:

  • Nomow Extreme – One of our most enduring products, ideal for areas of regular sports use.
  • Challenger 24 – Designed with football in mind, sand filled to achieve a natural ball bounce.
  • Challenger 20 – Ideal for sports, football and general play.
  • Amenity – Budget grass, ideal for indoors and out.

For more information on any of our ranges, get in touch with our friendly team today!