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National School Sport Week

What is National Sport Week?

Between 20-24 June 2016, schools up and down the country take part in National School Sport Week. The week is organised by the Youth Sport Trust and aims to encourage pupils to become more involved in sports and get active. This could be by taking up a sport out of school or getting more involved during PE class.

How to get involved…

If your school is looking to take part in National School Sport Week, this year’s theme is the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. Some ideas include recreating the Olympics by having 100m sprints, hurdles, long distances, shot-put, javelin; the list can go on. The theme allows schools to be creative and who knows, your school may get a mention on social media or make it to the news due to your involvement!

All you have to do is sign up and join the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Paralympic challenge for your school to be provided with free sports equipment. By signing up, you will also be entered into a prize draw, where you have an opportunity to win a visit from a star Athlete Mentor or Youth Sport Direct vouchers.

Why get involved…

Since 2008 when National School Sport Week first became established, the event has been a major success. Last year alone, 1.8 million pupils and over 5,000 schools took part. Getting involved in the week not only adds something fun and different to the usual lesson schedule, it will also encourage pupils to be active all year round.

National School Sport Week lasts just five days, but Nomow have created a list of activities that your pupils can get involved in all year round. Physical activity is so important for children’s health and wellbeing, and with the levels of exercising decreasing throughout nursery, primary and high school, our aim is to encourage teachers and parents to get involved and get more kids playing and learning outdoors. If you’re stuck for inspiration, just have a read through our #NomowPlay blogs for some tips and ideas you can implement into your lesson plans and at home!