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National Pet Month

Every April millions of people take the time to celebrate and appreciate the pets in their life!

National Pet Month is now in its 27th year, and their ultimate aim is to raise money for charities associated with pets.

If you want to join the nation and celebrate the greatness of having a pet, check out their website for tips on ways you can get involved.

Nomow understand that when you bring a pet home, they automatically become part of the family however it can also sometimes feel like a full time job! Walking, feeding and caring for your pet can all be time consuming tasks which is why many pet owners are now opting for artificial grass.

The benefits of artificial grass when you have a pet

  • No patches in your lawn – Your lawn will withstand wear and tear all year round, so there’s no need to worry, your pet will find it near impossible to make holes in the grass.
  • Environmentally friendly – No harmful chemicals are involved when you switch to artificial grass, unlike real grass where pesticides and fertilizers are commonly used.
  • No maintenance – There’s no need to mow your lawn on your day off or try and fix the dead patches – instead you can spend your free time with your pet as you wish.
  • Same experience – Your pets will not know the difference between real grass and artificial grass, the only change is that your garden will look perfect instead of patchy.

Treat your pet

Since it’s National Pet Month, why not treat your pet too? Hollywood actress Kristen Bell recently treated her dogs to an artificial grass area, just for them! She wanted to create an area where her dogs could relax, and most importantly, she wanted an environmentally friendly garden. She has stated that her dogs love their garden area and spend the day sunbathing and relaxing in the garden. The best part? The garden looks the same with no maintenance needed!

Instead of worrying whether your pets will ruin your garden, why not call Nomow and make the switch to artificial grass today!