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National BBQ Week 2014

Did you know that BBQ & at-home eating & entertaining is now the UK’s number one summer home leisure activity, with two-in-three households now owning a BBQ grill?

This week is the 18th National BBQ week, which is organised every year by the National BBQ Association. The week is a key part of summer celebrations, as the whole of the UK is encouraged to make the most of al fresco dining from the 16th May until 1st June.

Diners and shoppers can look out for markets, events and competitions to help get the celebrations fired up.

In countries around the world, barbecue culture has become synonymous with beaches, warm weather and great food, from famous Australian ‘Barbies’ to South American pits. Here in the UK however, the unpredictable weather means that us Brits need to be a bit more optimistic when BBQ season comes around, and are famous for getting the BBQ out come rain or shine.

While the appearance of the sun is unpredictable, when the warm weather does come British lawns can become dry, brown and parched – not exactly ideal for entertaining friends and family!

Lawn maintenance is a job that never ends during summer, and the last things you want to do is waste those rare sunny days stuck behind a lawnmower or endlessly fertilising your lawn.

Many people turn to artificial grass during BBQ season to give them a flawless, natural looking lawn, which stands up to any type of weather 365 days a year.

As artificial grass needs absolutely no maintenance, you can spend National BBQ Week where you should be – behind the barbecue! Allow yourself to relax and enjoy entertaining in your garden all season long, without having to worry about the hassle of costs or upkeep of a natural grass garden.

The strength and durability of artificial grass allows you and your family spend time eating alfresco without worrying about ruining the grass you’ve spent all season cultivating.

Even if the famous British rain hits and you have to spend BBQ season holding up an umbrella over luke-warm coals, you’ll have peace of mind that your artificial lawn won’t become muddy or boggy.

Give us a tweet @NomowLtd1 and let us know how you’re spending National BBQ Week this year!