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National Allotment Week 4-10th August

It’s National Allotment Week and there has never been a better time to put your best foot forward and celebrate the enduring nature of the allotment movement.

The week, which is arranged by the NSALG (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners), is celebrated in August each year and aims to raise awareness of allotments and the benefits that owning one can have.

Growing your own fruit and veg can have huge benefits so in celebration of National Allotment Week, we bring you some of the biggest ways you could gain from tending to an allotment.

Regular exercise

You will have the opportunity to engage in physical activity in the great outdoors as you tend to your allotment. This type of ‘green exercise’ has proven to be greatly beneficial to both your mental and physical state.

Healthy Produce

Eating more fruit and vegetables certainly adds to good health and nutrition, but growing your means you’ll not only have the freshest produce, but you’ll probably also be able to increase the number of servings you eat per day.


Allotments are often found in urban and densely populated areas, where there isn’t much time or opportunity to socialise. While the mix of people makes it a great place to get social, tending to an allotment can also be good opportunity to seek a bit of peace from the everyday hustle and bustle.


Allotments have a special status as green areas within often heavily built up urban centres and they can make a valuable contribution to biodiversity. They also eliminate the need for wasteful food packaging and transport costs & emissions.


If your plot is productive enough you can reap real savings from growing your own food all year round.

With so many allotment owners in the UK looking to further save money and maximise their plot, why not find out how you could utilise the low cost, low maintenance benefits of artificial grass in your allotment?

Look out for events and celebrations up and down the country, and find out how you can contribute to National Allotment Week. It’s the opportune time to strengthen the protection for current allotment sites and emphasise the benefits to encourage councils to provide a sufficient number.

Nomow have over 20 years knowledge and experience to ensure your allotment has the absolute best alternative to real grass. To book your FREE, no obligation appointment for us to visit and show you the benefits of Nomow, simply contact us to arrange a time to suit you.