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What Kind of Gardener Are You?

A new study into how people water their gardens has identified six different types of gardener, ranging from gardeners with ‘nothing to water’ to ‘high tech’ gardeners using top of the range watering systems.

The findings, which were published in the Journal of Water Supply, were part of a wide-ranging study into water usage in South East England.

The team of researchers from the Universities of Manchester, Edinburgh, Southampton and Lancaster investigated the daily habits of 1,800 households, with the aim of developing better water usage policy.

The six types of gardener identified by the study were:

1-    ‘Nothing to water’ (38%)

The largest group identified in the study said they had nothing to water in their gardens at all, with some having paved over their lawns or simply abandoned their plants.

2-    ‘Hands-off gardener’ (18%)

The hands-off gardeners had plants, but relied on rain to keep their gardens irrigated.

3-    ‘Casual gardener’ (18%)

The casual gardeners tended to a few token flowers or shrubs, using jugs or watering cans to tend to their plants.

4-    ‘High tech gardener’ (16%)

High tech gardeners tended to use mains water to keep their lawns and flowers looking healthy with a hosepipe, sprinkler or automated irrigation system.

5-    ‘Green fingered gardener’ (6%)

The eco-friendly ‘green fingered’ gardeners used water butts or recycled water from inside their home to keep fruit, veg, flowers and wildlife happy.

6-    ‘Amateur enthusiast’ (5%)

This group was made up of serious gardeners who had small gardens, usually contained in city centres.

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources and set to become more so as climate change progresses.

Unlike natural grass, Nomow artificial turf doesn’t need watering and could be a practical solution for all types of gardener.

Are you a ‘nothing to water’ gardener who has given up on the hard work of maintaining a natural grass lawn? Or maybe you’re a high tech gardener who is fed up of forking out for the latest equipment and the big water bill that comes with it. Artificial grass could prove beneficial – just look at some of the benefits you’ll only get with artificial grass here.

Artificial grass could also be a great way for an ‘amateur enthusiast’ to transform a dull, urban space into a city centre oasis.

Whatever your style, Nomow turf is an efficient way to save water without any of the stress or expense that comes with planting a traditional grass lawn – simply take a look in our online shop and choose which range would suit your garden best.