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Judy Murray Opens an Artificial Grass Tennis Club

Judy Murray is known for being the mum of two extremely talented boys – Andy and Jamie Murray. Not many mothers out there are able to say both their sons have won a tennis grand slam tournament and are recognised all over the world. This success her sons have managed to achieve, motivated Judy Murray to increase the amount of people participating in the sport.

Judy Murray has worked with the LTA and was appointed Great Britain Fed Cup captain in 2011. Even though she recently retired as captain, she continues to get involved in promoting tennis around Great Britain.

Her involvement has been incredible, but she wants to do more, which is why she opened new tennis courts at Arbroath Lawn Tennis Club and gave away a signed tennis racquet from her son, Andy Murray. By doing this, many people turned up to the opening and she even took time to play a few strokes with the members.

The tennis club has struggled gaining members as the weather throughout the winter led to cracks in the courts and the flooding stopped play altogether. Not only did this put the club at a disadvantage when competing, but it also stopped social play.  After removing the old clay courts and replacing them with artificial grass, Arbroath Lawn Tennis Club hope to bring more tennis enthusiasm to the area.

Judy stated that she helped open the tennis club as “it’s crucial to have somewhere in the community that is accessible and affordable if people are going to play regular tennis.” Having a nice atmosphere and great community spirit will make people look forward to playing tennis, instead of quitting. She also stated that even though more people know about tennis, there are less opportunities for youngsters to get involved in the sport.

The new tennis courts will not only allow locals to train more, but the court can also be used for other activities. The artificial tennis courts will also mean that everybody can train all year round without risking an injury.

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