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Introducing our Recyclable Artificial Grass

One of our newest and most exciting artificial grasses is the remarkable Eco 28, which is a fully recyclable artificial grass. Eco 28 uses a polymer yarn and a woven polymer backing, amounting to 98.85% Polyolefin and 1.15% other plastic. This percentage far exceeds the minimum requirement for recyclability and so meets regulation standard UNI 10667-16:2009 for recyclability and is therefore recyclable. Current non-recyclable artificial grass is an almost inseparable combination of polymer yarns and latex backing.


Recycle small 3

What distinguishes Eco 28 from all other artificial grasses is its unique backing. Instead of a standard black latex backing, it is white and made from woven polymers. One additional benefit of this is that the backing doesn’t require drainage holes as the whole material is porous. This means that water will drain through Eco 28 quicker and in a more efficient way.

Eco 28 backing

Eco 28 backing

Artificial grass is often a fantastic solution in many circumstances. High wear areas can create a lot of mud, especially in winter. This is compounded if the area is shaded under trees or near walls. Nomow Artificial Grass won’t fade away or deteriorate even with very high footfall levels. Then after an expected lifetime use of 20 years, with a 10 year guarantee, Nomow Eco 28 can be recycled into something else, just as useful.