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Green Spaces Improve Schoolchildren’s Mental Development

A new study has revealed that children in urban schools could benefit from green spaces in and around their school.

The research, which was carried out on school children aged between 7 and 10 in Barcelona, Spain, suggested that exposure to green space boosted short-term memory (improved by 23%) and reduced inattentiveness in class (by 19%).

The authors who carried out the study said: “Natural environments, including green spaces, provide children with unique opportunities such as inciting engagement, risk-taking, discovery, creativity, mastery and control, strengthening sense of self, inspiring basic emotional states (including sense of wonder) and enhancing psychological restoration,” wrote the authors of the study.

The researchers recommended that schools make changes to the learning environment, and consider adding more green spaces, planting trees and using less concrete.

Led by Dr Payam Dadvand, from the Centre for Research and Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, the researchers added: “Approximately one half of the world population lives in cities, and it is projected that by 2030, three of every five persons will live in urban areas worldwide.

“Urban areas are characterised by a network of non-natural built-up infrastructures with increased pollutant levels and less green environments. Children’s exposure to these pollutants such as air pollution and noise has been associated with detrimental impacts on their cognitive development.

“Our findings suggest a beneficial impact of green space exposure on cognitive development, with part of this effect resulting from buffering against such urban environmental pollutants.”

At Nomow we often work with urban schools where a natural landscape is preferred, but maintenance and water supply are restricted. Artificial grass provides an attractive, low maintenance and cost effective solution for any school looking to increase areas of green space.

With its many benefits and green appearance, many urban schools are reaping the rewards of Nomow artificial grass.