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Eden Hazard loves Artificial Grass!

Chelsea footballer Eden Hazard has recently expressed his love for artificial grass via Twitter!

He told his fans that an artificial surface would be beneficial for him, as he is a ‘small player’ saying: “It has been a while since I last played on artificial grass. It can be an advantage for small players like me” #andbel #tousensemble

Even though Hazard didn’t go into detail about why being small is an advantage for playing on artificial grass, there are loads of reasons why footballers love playing on artificial surfaces. We look into just some of them below…

Reduce Injury

Artificial grass has a shockpad layer, which means that when you are running on the pitch, the artificial grass will absorb any impact and reduce the stress on your joints. Also, if it is raining, football pitches can get extremely muddy which results in a lot of slipping and bad tackles. Even though footballers might slip, and the opponent determines bad tackles, artificial grass has significantly less risk than natural grass.

Smooth and All Weather Surface

Artificial grass has many benefits for footballers, especially the consistency of the surface. Footballers will not have to worry about a bad bounce, muddy pitch and postponed matches. Instead, when you are dribbling the ball down the pitch you will not have to pray that the ball goes where you want it to, you are guaranteed a smooth surface. When it is raining, you will not have to worry about the flooding of the pitch, as the surface allows water to drain easily.

Many Football clubs across Europe have decided to change to artificial grass, and FIFA and the Football Association in England are now allowing football matches to be played on artificial surfaces. This is a large bonus for clubs that do not make as much money, as their maintenance costs will become significantly less. Another plus for changing to artificial grass, is that players will be able to train more on their pitch instead of training in another location as the football pitch will not wear and tear like a grass pitch.

If you are interested in creating an all weather football pitch, Nomow has over 20 years of experience in designing and fitting all weather sport pitches. If you would like to make an enquiry or have any questions, contact us today!