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Easy, Green New Years Resolutions

It’s easy to think of all the changes we will make as we welcome the New Year, however, realistically after the first few weeks pass us by, most of us have quit the gym and broken our ban on spending in the January sales.

So why not take up a green New Years resolution this year, which is so easy you will have no excuse not to keep it?

We bring you some of the top New Years resolutions which appear on our lists year after year, which believe it or not, can all be achieved simply by installing artificial grass, and here’s how…

‘Save Money’

Saving money is a resolution that is likely to feature on most lists this year.

It’s no secret that artificial grass saves you big money. Not only will it reduce your water bill each month, but you can also save on garden equipment, lawnmowers, pesticides and fertilisers, all pricey essentials for keeping natural grass gardens in good condition.

‘Decrease Waste’

Installing a Nomow artificial grass system for your garden alone can save a whopping 56,000 gallons of water per year. Your artificial lawn will greatly eliminate huge impact on our water resources.

‘Spend More Time With Friends/Family’

Each year many of us resolve to spend more time with our loved ones, however, it’s often the case that we can’t find the time or money to actually do it.

Why not use the money you save from an artificial lawn to go on day trips with your family? Or use those extra hours you save mowing the lawn in summer reconnecting with old friends in your new garden.

‘Cut Back on Carbon Footprint’

By choosing a Nomow artificial garden you are not only saving water but also eliminating harmful impacts on our planet.

By switching to artificial grass you can reduce:

  • Pesticides & fertilisers used on lawns, which run into our groundwater.
  • Harmful pollution caused by chemicals released by petrol-driven lawnmowers.
  • Grass clippings, which are among the biggest landfill contributors to the greenhouse effect.