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Does Gardening Count as Exercise?

Health experts have stated that taking part in a few hours of gardening weekly can not only help you lose weight, but your health and wellbeing will improve.

Recently, the Daily Mail wrote an article on why the Local Government Association have voiced their concern over the lack of people who take part in physical exercise in Britain. In order to encourage the 44 per cent of Brits that do not take part in exercise, they have asked GP’s to start prescribing ‘green prescriptions.’

A similar programme to green prescriptions took off in New Zealand in 1998, and now over 80 per cent of GPs have prescribed the programme.

The NHS recommends that everyone should partake in at least 150 minutes of gentle exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise weekly. Instead of heading to the gym, you can set aside an hour and walk outside into your garden and begin gardening.

Having a hobby can make exercise more enjoyable and soon, it will be implanted into your daily routine. Brits are known for taking pride in the appearance of their garden, which makes gardening a win-win for homeowners. You will not only have an attractive garden, but your health and wellbeing will improve.

How many calories will I burn?

All you have to do, is spend 30 minutes following the activities below to see results.

  • Digging and shovelling: You will burn 250 calories
  • Weeding: You will burn 105 calories
  • Raking: You will burn 100 calories

Not only will you burn fat by gardening, you will also notice your muscles become more defined. Each activity above works different parts of the body, resulting in your body becoming more toned.

Physical activity is labelled as a miracle cure, as it helps prevent and treat 20+ lifestyle related diseases. Gardening will help your health, and allow you to show off your hard work to family and friends who stop by your house!

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