Take PE Class Outdoors! #NomowPlay


At Nomow we know how much of a challenge it can be to get kids outside, whether it’s playing or learning. img-20150923-wa0001

We have already covered how to make maths more exciting by taking the classroom outside, and this month the #NomowPlay campaign is exploring how teachers can get kids to build their physical development in the playground.

Take a look at our top ideas for PE class or just something different to do at playtime…

Obstacle courses

Obstacle courses are a great way to keep children entertained. Instead of completing the same exercise for an hour, they are able to move from one task to another without losing concentration. Obstacle courses are designed to encourage different core strengths and stamina. If you have run out of new obstacle ideas for lessons, then take a look at these creative ideas.


Find a large area where everybody is able to run around without colliding with each other. When you yell a number, everybody stops running immediately and performs an action i.e. stand on one leg. This will also help the children’s memory, as well as balance.


To complete this exercise, everybody needs to be put in a pair. Place the children a few feet apart (you can increase the distance depending on their ability.) The first person is in a push-up position, however, their knees are on the floor. The second person is aiming to throw a beanbag through their arms. They keep switching roles until they reach 10. This game can be made harder by moving the players further apart.

Speed and AgilityArtificial grass at Bilston Primary School

Place five people in each team and conduct a race! Simply draw three lines on the ground, and use one line as a starting point, and the furthest line as a finishing point. You can add more lines depending on how long the session is. The aim of the game is to touch the first line and run back, then touch the second line and run back etc. Once all the lines have been touched, run back and high five the next person in the team before they can set off. This avoids cheating and enhances teamwork.

Nomow artificial grass makes the outdoor play a pleasure. Not only do you avoid the mud and the mess, but our range of different coloured turf also allows you to create an environment that inspires children to play and learn outside.

Contact Nomow today to find out how schools can perform these games on a safe and gentle grass surface.