Discover Our Range of Sports Grasses

We love sports at Nomow and we have a range of artificial grasses tailor-made for different types of sports and a variety of circumstances.

We regularly install artificial grass sports pitches across the country, everywhere from the Isle of White to Wick in Scotland. Natural grass can wear away quickly under the pressures of normal sports activities, and concrete and tarmac can create nasty scrapes and cuts when players fall over. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for MUGAs, football pitches and general sports activities. Not only is artificial grass durable and able to withstand heavy footfall, but it also looks brilliant and can even accurately mimic how a ball interacts and bounces on natural grass.

Our Options


As the name suggests, this is quite an extreme artificial grass. It has a 50mm pile height which is much higher than the average artificial grass. The Yarn also has a bold construction which makes the individual blades appear wider than normal.

Extreme is intended to be used with a rubber crumb in-fill which gives the ball a realistic bounce and allows for things like slide tackles. So Extreme is commonly used for football 5-a-side pitches as a 3G surface.

Challenger 24

Challenger 24 does not have a rubber crumb in-fill and instead has a sand in-fill. This, coupled with the fact that the grass has a shorter pile height means that Challenger 24 is a more cost-effective way of creating an artificial grass pitch.

In addition, because the pile height is shorter, this allows for more of a variety of games to be played on such as hockey. It wouldn’t be appropriate to play hockey on Extreme as the grass would slow down the smaller ball too quickly.

Stadia 24

Stadia 22 is sometimes referred to as a 4G surface. This is because it incorporates a smaller yarn within the larger yarn that acts in a similar way to an ‘in-fill’. However because the ‘in-fill’ is part of the actual grass, this creates a more realistic surface to play on, that requires less maintenance. Stadia 22 is commonly used for football but as it has a short pile height, it can be used for multiple sports.

Activity Play

This is one of our most vibrant artificial grasses as it comes in a variety of colours. With a 12mm pile height, it is perfect for Hockey, Golf and General Play. Football can also be played on Activity Play. Activity Play is one of our newest products and we are finding that our customers are using it for a wide variety of situations. It has even been used for events and walkways.

The colours for Activity Play artificial grass include White, Red, Dark Green, Black, Light Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Yellow, Blue and Brown.


For more information on our sports grasses please feel free to call our friendly team.