Specify nomow Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is an excellent building material and is used in construction and new builds all around the world. It is often used in the construction of domestic homes as it can offer an instant ‘green’ effect to gardens whilst also reducing potential mud and mess.

Unfortunately, artificial grass is a relatively new industry and therefore there is no industry association and thus there is a lack of standardisation and accreditations.

Every year, there are a number of instances of architects specifying artificial grasses that don’t meet minimum standards. In only a few short years this lower quality grass starts to wear away creating an unsightly and unsafe area.

  • So how do you know that you are specifying a reputable company with products that reach good standards?
  • We have designed a series of questions, that we believe, an architect should be asking when getting ready to specify artificial grass:
  • Has the product been tested for UV stabilisation? Has it passed the manufacturers UV Stabilisation test?
  • What is the Guarantee for the product? – Look at the small print on the guarantee. Does the guarantee provide 100% protection for 10 years? Some products partially decrease the level of protection up and until the 10 year deadline.
  • Is the company likely to be trading in the next 10 years? What was their date of incorporation? What is their credit score?
  • What is the expected life span of the Artificial Grass? How is this worked out?

Importantly, we make all of our specification sheets available on our website. Feel free to click on any of these so that you can download them for future use.

Our most popular product for playgrounds is – Pro Play

And some of our most popular products for domestic homes are – Manor, Kingdom, Luxury Plus ’18 and Empire.

You can request a free sample pack of all of our artificial grasses here

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We have found that often architects have a multitude of different scenarios to specify for. We welcome any calls from architects and you can request to speak to our directors to have a discussion on the technical aspects of specifying artificial grass.

If you have any further questions about specifying artificial grass please feel free to call our friendly staff on 0800 587 0380 or email us at sales@nomow.co.uk