Our lads have been hard at work this year helping to build some amazing playgrounds and facilities. We have gathered together some of the best images and examples of our work since the start of 2021.

These artificial grass installations were completed in a variety of schools and locations up and down the country. We used a variety of types of artificial grasses but our most popular examples include our Pro Play Artificial Grass and our Rainbow Range.

ripple 0 july 2021 play

This amazing image is from an installation completed in July 2021 in a Primary school in London.  The mini road is made from Tarmac which will be good for small cars and trucks. The Artificial Grass is Pro Play and not only adds an amazing texture and look to the area, it also acts as the perfect safety surface.

may 2021 manor LR

This is a lovely example of Manor being used in a garden. Manor has a darker thatch than normal and therefore creates a darker theme overall.  Depending on the location and surrounding garden landscape, lighter or darker shades of green can influence the overall look of the installation.

Luxury Plus - June 2021 - Mound

This mound uses Lux Plus 2020 which is one of our long standing artificial grasses. Variations of Lux Plus have been in the business for over a decade. The interesting thing about this install is the tree. Artificial grass can be neatly cut around the contours of things like trees to create beautiful discrete landscapes.

Rainbow red track

The standout element of this install is the extremely vibrant and eye-catching red running track. This uses our Rainbow Range which can come in many different colours and obviously we have used the Red here, with an outstanding effect.