Nomow have partnered with One Tribe to save the rainforest tree by tree. We have secured a fantastic deal with One Tribe and their partners which means that every purchase on our website will save 100 square metres of rainforest! That’s right, every purchase saves 100 square metres. This is the equivalent to 25 trees per sale.

Every time there is a transaction we donate to One Tribe and the collective efforts of doing this mean that we are able to purchase large areas of land in Latin America which then fall under charity protection.

After starting this project not too long ago, we have been able to protect a whopping 6,700 trees! This is some truly exceptional work and we would just like to thank everyone who has purchase directly from the website recently, as your purchase has helped this worthy cause.

one tribe certified

You can find more statistics and how we’ve helped One Tribe and the rainforest by clicking here.

One Tribe say “Our Conservation partners are one of the world’s most respected and successful conservation charities and works in partnership with trusted local NGOs and indigenous communities to save the world’s most threatened rainforests and tropical ecosystems. They have been protecting rainforests for over 30 years and have already placed over 24 million acres of threatened habitat under permanent protection. All donations to Rainforest Trust are doubled by a generous supporter through the charity’s SAVES Challenge.”

At Nomow, we’re proud of the support we give charities like this. The next time you purchase from Nomow, just remember that you are supporting the protection of the rainforest in a big way.


[As of 2021, Nomow Artificial Grass in no longer in partnership with One Tribe]