Product Spotlight: Luxury Plus ‘18

As the name suggests, Luxury Plus is one of our highest quality artificial grasses. One of the most outstanding features of the product is its 40mm pile height. This extra height means that Luxury Plus ’18 stands head and shoulders above all other artificial grasses with the only exception being our Empire artificial grass.

Empire is slightly taller at 45mm but the main difference between the grasses is not the extra 5mm on Empire, it’s actually the structure of the blades. Luxury Plus ‘18 has thinner individual blades whereas Empire’s individual blades need to be thicker in order to provide extra strength to carry the extra height.

This means that although Empire is more realistic, Luxury Plus ‘18 is actually the softer of the two types of grass. The thinness of the blades provides a delicate feel to the grass which is often preferred by customers.

In addition to the lighter blades, Luxury Plus ‘18 boasts a very thick and dense thatch which not only support the blades but also adds a cushioning effect. Luxury Plus ‘18 is so soft and spongy that the 10mm shock pad underlay, which is often required for smaller pile height grasses, doesn’t need to be purchased as an additional extra. This can often mean that Luxury Plus ‘18 is actually one of the most cost-effective options.

We often get asked, ‘Which is the best grass?’ and the differences between Luxury Plus ‘18 and Empire, is a great example of how the answer to this question, really depends on your personal opinion. If you are purchasing the grass for a front garden that will be rarely used, except to look at, the Empire might be best for you. But if you plan on using the grass to let small children play on, or for having picnics on, or even for indoors, then you might prefer the luxurious softness of Luxury Plus ‘18.

We always offer our customer the ability to test and feel our artificial grasses before you buy. Order a free sample today.