This month at Nomow, we celebrated our 20th birthday as a business. To celebrate we organised a big office party and we’ve been giving out special offers for artificial grass, all month.

As an extra special secret discount, just for reading this news article, use offer code: happybd for an extra 20% off! And this is 20% off our autumn sale prices. This 20% off excludes installations and is only available in October 2021.

Nomow was incorporated in 2001 however the core staff had been operating in artificial grass, before this. Therefore the actual functions of the business are even older than this. Originally artificial grass was solely supplied by the American company AstroTurf. And this is why the product of artificial grass, is often referred to as ‘AstroTurf’. Nomow were one of the original companies to start installing artificial grass in the UK.

Since then the business has grown and grown and now we have a fleet of vans as well as nationwide coverage and we have close working relationships with some of the largest companies in Britain. We’re proud of the good work we’ve done over the last 20 years. Why not celebrate with us and use offer code happybd in our online shop, for 20% off.