Finally Some Rain to Save Natural Grass

Natural Grass up and down the country has really been suffering lately due to the intense heat and mini-drought. Lawns everywhere have been turning a shade of light brown as the grass struggles and die.

dead grass

After a month of dead and dying grass a common sight in Britain recently has been lawns that look more like the grass on a safari. With the only exceptions being those of us with sprinkler systems or who have been periodically watering their gardens.

dead natural grass

Now, however, with the recent rains, during the next spell of hot weather, the grass will immediately start growing and then it will be time to cut it back. All this and it won’t be long until the October and November rainy weather will start to turn parts of the garden boggy.

All work and no play makes for a dull gardening experience.

The constant work that your garden demands mean that you will spend more time watering, worrying, cutting, maintaining and never actually enjoying the property that you’ve purchased.

That’s where Artificial Grass comes in. Some of the products in our modern Artificial Grass range really do replicate real grass. Look how realistic our Empire Artificial Grass looks.

Kent Garden Empire

Super realistic with zero maintenance. Empire looks amazing whatever the weather. It is UV stabilised so it will retain its colour even during the hottest weather. It is fully porous and water will pass straight through even during the heaviest rainfall. It also won’t continuously grow and so doesn’t require regular cutting.

45mm Artificial Grass Lawn 5

No Mess, No Mud, Nomow.