Don’t make this rookie measuring mistake!

A common error that people often make for measuring artificial grass, is to assume that a rectangle in a garden, is actually a perfect rectangle.

Image of a designer putting together a simple garden plan

Rectangles are an extremely common shape in domestic lawns. This is perfect for the world of artificial grass, as artificial grass is sold in rectangles. So if your lawn if 6m x 4m, you could have a 4m (width) by 6m (Length) single piece of artificial grass. If your lawn is 5m x 6m, you may need 2 pieces of grass with a 5m length, with one piece being 2 metres in width and the other being 4 metres.

However, it is possible that the rectangle in your garden is slightly skewed and meaning that the length of the right hand side of the garden is slightly longer than the left hand side of the garden. Even though it looks like a rectangle by eye.

not a rectangle

In the above example, if you had only measured the left hand side of the lawn, even if it had looked like a rectangle, when it came to the installation, there would have been a 13cm gap at the back of the lawn. It is therefore imperative that you measure at least both sides of your lawn before. To reduce the risk of mistake even further, you could make 2 or 3 extra measurements throughout the middle lengths of the grass.

Find an installer

We have lots of very handy guides and useful information in our DIY section on our website. If you are planning a DIY installation make sure you read through and watch this information. Make sure you give extra attention to the measuring as this can determine how the whole installation process goes.
Nomow has an installation service meaning that you always have the option of using our professional installers. We can also come out to your site for a free survey and complete our own measurements.