Regular Maintenance Tips

Brush regularly

Depending on how much foot traffic happens on your lawn, brushing your grass should happen fairly regularly in order to enhance the natural and healthy look of your artificial grass.

Remove leaves

During the autumn and winter months, it is common for more debris to make its way onto your lawn. In order to remove fallen leaves, a leaf blower will be able to move the leaves, while avoiding harming your artificial grass.

Heavy Items

When you place heavy items on your artificial grass, such as plant pots, inflatable pools or a heavy table, this can cause damage to the fibres in the artificial grass. When the fibres become flattened, the imprint could stay visible.


When cooking on a barbecue, the ashes may make their way onto your artificial lawn. The same applies to cigarette ashes, as it could cause the fibres in the grass to melt. Avoid hot items having direct contact with your grass in order to prevent this scenario from occurring.


When there is snow on your artificial lawn, the best thing you can do is to let it melt and disappear naturally. However, if there is ice on your grass, avoid standing on your lawn, as this could cause damage to the fibres.

Cleaning Tips

Pet Waste 

When removing pet droppings, use your go-to removal method of choice. This could be using a plastic bag or a plastic scooper and then dispose of the waste. Hose down the area afterwards and don’t forget to hose down urine as well!


Many spills can be removed with water, but for the resilient stains, mix soap with warm water to effectively remove the spill. If you are still struggling, mix vinegar with water and apply on the residue. This is also a great way to remove bacteria.


If ash from a cigarette has caused a stubborn stain to appear or caused the fibres on your artificial grass to melt, repairing the grass is the best option – contact the team at Nomow for further information.

If you have a question about cleaning and maintaining your lawn that is not covered above, get in touch with the team at Nomow for expert opinion and advice.