Artificial Grass Cut Offs

We have some amazing clearance deals this summer with our artificial grass cut-offs and end of line products.

These artificial grasses used to be part of our main range but have subsequently been superseded by a new version of the grass. We sometimes bring out new versions of grass in our range. One consequence of doing this, however, is that the old grass may not perfectly match the new one. It might have a slightly different shade of green, it might have slightly longer or shorter pile lengths and it could have slightly different properties such as softness.

What this means is that we could have perfectly good artificial grass, which we then have to retire because we can’t keep it as part of our main range. This is a great opportunity for some of our customers as it means that you can purchase high quality, perfect condition artificial grass at massively discounted prices. You just have to be lucky enough that one of our offcuts or end of line rolls matches closely enough to the area you are looking to cover.


This usually means that the people that can benefit most from this are customers looking for small installations. The average size for a piece of grass in our clearance range is 10m2 to 15m2.

Details and links to our cut-offs rolls can be found below;

32mm Clearance Rolls – £10/m2

35mm Clearance Rolls – £9.50/m2

40mm Eden Clearance Rolls – £13.75/m2

40mm Orchard Clearance Rolls – £11.14/m2

40mm Royale Clearance Rolls – £17.12/m2

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