Artificial Grass for Architects

You may be aware of the numerous benefits artificial grass has for gardens and schools, but did you know that architects are now utilising artificial grass more and more in their work.

When professionals have to plan and design a new building or development they not only have to be mindful of the final result, they have to take many long-term aspects of the project into consideration. On-going maintenance and durability are both issues that architects need to consider when taking on a new development, and artificial grass can provide a great solution.

With a life expectancy of 20 years and installations guaranteed for 10 years, Nomow artificial grass is a long term, durable investment, and with the fraction of the maintenance required by natural grass, artificial turf gives professionals more time to spend productively on the project in hand.

We understand how important health and safety and product knowledge is to architects, so the Nomow technical team will aim to assist you with anything from product specification and pricing, to providing you with information on critical fall height and safety certificates, ensuring you are well informed before your project commences.

Nomow artificial grass is versatile and hardwearing, which offers many advantages to architecture and development projects so whether you are a landscape gardener, contractor or garden designer, our low maintenance turf can adapt to your needs. Nomow soft, resilient artificial grass is sold by the centimetre in length, meaning that you can buy as little or as much as you need for your project and cut it into any shape that you require – the only limitation is your imagination!

Examples of projects that artificial grass could benefit include:

  • Residential developments – Artificial grass is much more usable and practical in the long term for residential developments.
  • Shopping centres/supermarkets – Artificial grass for indoor displays and car parks is always going to be a more practical solution, making it ideal for shopping areas.
  • Hospitals/care homes – Artificial lawns in hospitals give all year round green, save on water and maintenance without taking time away from important care.
  • Schools/nurseries – Artificial grass used in outdoor play areas for children will be durable enough to withstand heavy footfall and protect against falls.

You will find Nomow artificial grass is a popular choice for architects and contractors all over the UK, who are looking for a quick and simple solution, whilst ensuring that their project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Nomow grass is straightforward to install and can provide you with years of use combined with great looking colours to build into your landscape design.

Whether you are looking to add the finishing touches to a development or to use artificial grass as an integral part of your architecture, Nomow can help.

Find out the best products we offer for architects, or get in touch with a friendly member of the Nomow team to discuss your project further.