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Declining Membership Main Concern for Golf Clubs

Declining memberships are one of the main causes of concern among golf clubs in the UK, according to a Sky Sports News survey.

Over 250 British clubs took part in the poll, which revealed that a worrying 70% of clubs reported decreased subscriptions over the last five years.

Only 1% of the clubs polled said their dominant membership group was aged 31-40, and youth membership has also plunged despite 76% of clubs saying they had a youth scheme in place.

Female membership has also been hit by a 75% drop according to the survey.

One of the main worries for declining membership at British golf clubs is the weather. Adverse conditions cost 37% of clubs more than 31 days of business over the last three years.

With golf under pressure in most of its important markets, developers, operators and architects are constantly looking for ways to improve the financial prospects of courses.

One idea that might solve clubs problems is the use of synthetic turf in place of natural grass.

Many practice facilities have already been built with synthetic surfaces, and on golf courses themselves, natural looking tees are often constructed with artificial turf. ‘Mats’, as they are often referred to, have been in use for winter tees for decades, but the synthetic turf available today is of a much higher quality than that of ten or twenty years ago.

With practice putting greens now commonly built without real grass, could playable greens on full-sized golf courses soon follow?

When conditions for play have to be perfect, Nomow is the name professional golfers rely on. As Europe’s leading name in artificial grass surfaces, we create championship quality putting greens for some of the finest golf courses in the world.

The technical performance of a Nomow green is faultless.

Our putting green surfaces are the best available, and play just like the real thing. Nomow greens beautifully mirror the natural contours of a course and give you the performance qualities and beauty of real grass – without the drawbacks.

With Nomow, there’s no maintenance and no watering. This green plays perfectly in all weathers, wet or dry, so you wont have to worry about calling off a game due to the rain.

No wonder Nomow is fast becoming the top professional choice.

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