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Californians Encouraged to Install Artificial Grass after Worst Drought on Record

As California’s drought makes national news after the driest year on record, producers of artificial grass have been called in to help save the state’s water.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Producers of artificial lawns are seeing a boost in sales in California as the state is experiencing its driest year on record.

Fake grass has emerged as a way of achieving a constantly green front yard while saving water, as some counties in the state have banned watering of lawns altogether.”

Californians have been advised that they need to reduce water use by 20%, with governor Jerry Brown even urging people not to flush toilets ‘more than you have to.’

‘Make no mistake, this drought is a big wakeup call,’ Governor Brown said.

‘Hopefully it’s going to rain. If it doesn’t, we’re going to have to act in a very strenuous way in every part of the state to get through.’

Brown continued ‘Every day this drought goes on, we’re going to have to tighten the screws on what people are doing,’

The water industry loses billions of litres of water every year just from people watering their lawn, and reports show that a household’s water use could be cut by up to 70% just by installing an artificial lawn.

For this very reason, artificial grass installation has continued to grow in Southern California as homeowners started to recognise the financial and environmental benefits of having a fake lawn.

You may not be aware of it, but artificial grass can be environmentally friendly in many other ways as well:

  • Carbon emissions – artificial grass reduces the presence of carbon emissions emitted by mowers and other petrol powered garden tools which contribute as much as 8% to global warming.
  • Chemicals – Maintaining a natural grass lawn requires pesticides, fertilizers and weed killing chemicals. Artificial grass keeps these off your lawn and out of the environment.
  • Recyclable – Artificial turf is now made up of environmentally friendly material, which is 100% recyclable.

There’s no doubt that the next few months will be critical in determining California’s fate, as the state works on plans to cut back and encourage water conservation.

In the meantime, artificial grass and synthetic lawn installations in California will continue to have positive effects on the water supply and environment.

If you are thinking about the long-term benefits of artificial grass and would like a no-obligation appointment, simply contact us.